Drinks Menu

    • White Wines

    • Pinot Grigio


      A light and refreshing wine with citrus aromas, fresh zesty fruit flavours and hints of exotic spice

    • Frascati


      A light dry refreshing and fragrant white wine with flavours of apple and citrus

    • Sauvignon Blanc


      A crisp white wine with citrus and tropical fruit aromas leading to a refreshing finish

    • Soave


      Floral aromas, hints of ripe pear. A refreshing dry wine with apple and citrus fruit flavours.

    • Gavi


      This a citrus-charged, almond tinged, green-apple, zesty wine

      • Chablis


        Quivering with crisp green apple fruit and really zippy freshness.



        Well rounded dry white wine, with ripe fruit flavours, zesty acidity and a long concentrated clean finish

    • House Wines – Red/White/Rosé

    • 1 litre – Medium Dry


      Very smooth and light.

    • 1/2 litre – Caraf

    • 250ml Glass


      Choices of Red/White/Rose

    • 175ml Glass


      Choices of Red/White/Rose

  •          White Wine Soda or Lemonade

    • Red Wines

    • Amarone


      A powerful wine with a strong concentrated nose and a velvety taste, exuberantly fruity, and a complex finish

    • Barolo


      Aromas of cherries, berries and exotic fruits and a flavour that is warm and soft bodied

    • Chianti Classico


      Characteristic Chianti flavours of red cherry and bramble. A fruity wine with a rich finish

    • Primitivo


      A rich, fruity red with flavours of blackberry, plum and black cherry.

    • Shiraz


      Smooth and refined, from plums and blackberry with a subtle hint of spice.  Easy drinking with meat dishes

    • Nero D’Avola


      Big, bold and with an almost raisin-fruit character, this is loaded with black cherry fruit flavours.

    • Rioja


      Intense aromas of plums, cherries hints of strawberries and toasty vanillin oak.

    • Montepulciano


      A soft fruity red wine brimming with red fruit flavours.

    • Valpolicella


      A light bodied red wine with flavours of red cherry and plum.

    • Cabernet Sauvignon


      Enticing aromas of blackberry fruits. Full bodied soft, rich and elegant.



      A medium to full bodied red wine with layers of vanilla, black cherry and plum fruit.

    • Rosé Wines

    • Gallo Zinfandel


      Medium-bodied wine. With a gorgeous, jewel-like colour, the wine has fruit flavours of dried cranberry, watermelon and fresh cherry.

    • Pinot Grigio Rose Blush


      Delicately coloured wine packed full of juicy ripe strawberry fruit flavours.

    • Sparkling Wines & Champagne

    • Asti Spumante


      A light bodied sparkling wine with delicious grape flavour and sweetness and balanced by zesty citrus notes

    • House Champagne

    • Lanson Black Label


      Hints of spring flowers with a touch of toast and honey, followed by strong fruit and balancing fruits

      Moet Chandon


      A subtle style of champagne. Crisp, lively with a seductive palate. A perfect balance of citrus fruit

    • Veuve Clicquat – Yellow Label


      White fruit and raisins from the grape followed by vanilla and toasty notes

    • Prosecco


      Lively fresh and fruity sparkling wine with crisp apple notes

      Prosecco – Rose


      A delightfully truly mouth watering fresh and bubbly sparkling rose made with prosecco grapes. It has an inviting fruity flavours