A La Carte

  •  Pani – Garlic Bread

    • Pane All Aglio (v)


      Plain Garlic Bread

    • Pomodoro


      Garlic bread with tomato

    • Formaggio


      Garlic Bread with Cheese

    • Olive Marinate


      A bowl of marinated mixed olives with bread

    • Mezzo Mezzo


      Half cheese, half tomato

    • Piccante


      Tomato, onion, garlic and fresh chili

    • Pamodoro Arrabbiata


      Tomato, salami, chili and garlic

  • Bruschetta

    • Pomodoro (v)


      Toasted bread with fresh tomato, garlic and red onion with

    • Caprino (v)


      As above, topped with goats cheese

    • Crostini Misti (v)


      Toasted bread topped with sautéed mushroom, roasted
      mixed peppers, cherry tomato and balsamic vinegar

  • Insalate

    • House Salad

    • Caprese Salad


      Italian buffalo mozzarella cheese served with fresh tomato,
      olive oil, fresh basil and if you like balsamic vinegar

    • Greek Salad

    • Tonno Salad


      Bed of mixed greens with cucumber, fresh tomato, onion,
      tuna fish, cannellini beans & olive oil and lemon

  • Antipasti – Starters

    • Antipasto Misto


      Mixed Italian salami, parma ham, olives, feta cheese, pate
      and sundried tomatoes

    • Spicy Meat Balls


      Home-made beef meat balls, cooked with onion and peppers
      in a spicy tomato sauce

    • Funghi All’ Aglio (v)


      Mushrooms with garlic, white wine and parsley

    • Pate Della Casa


      Homemade chicken liver pate served with toast and cranberry sauce

    • Prosciutto di Parma e Melone


      Seasonal melon and the finest parma ham

    • Minestrone Soup (v)


      Classic Italian vegetable soup

    • Costolette Di Maiale


      Spare ribs with our tasty BBQ sauce

    • Fegatini Al Balsamico


      Chicken livers with fresh chilies, onion and red wine sauce with balsamic vinegar

    • Funghi Ripieni (v)


      Mushroom filled with garlic butter, sundried tomato, parsley and breadcrumbs

    • Melanzane Caprino (v)


      Grilled aubergine with goats cheese topped with julienne grilled peppers and rocket with balsamic vinegar

    • Melone Fantasia (v)


      Melon with mixed fruit

    • Funghi Alfredo (v)


      Garlic mushrooms baked in a rich cream sauce and topped with melted mozzarella cheese

    • Salsiccia alla Sottovento


      Italian sausage cooked with onion, jalapeno chilies and tomato sauce, served with bread

  • Seafood Starters

    • Cocktail di Gamberetti


      Greenland prawns with marie rose sauce on a bed of crispy lettuce

    • Calamari Fritti


      Rings of squid deep fried in batter

    • Gamberoni All’ Aglio


      King prawns cooked in butter, parsley and white wine

    • Cozze Alla Marinara


      Fresh mussels cooked in white wine, garlic and tomato sauce

    • Salmon & Prawns


      Smoked salmon with prawns and marie rose sauce

    • White Baits


      Breaded white bait served with tartar sauce

  • Pasta & Risotto

    • Lasagna al Forno


      Layered pasta sheets cooked in a meat bolognese sauce

    • Vegetarian Lasagne

    • Cannelloni


      Rolls of pasta filled with meat, cheese and spinach topped with tomato and cheese sauce

    • Spaghetti Carbonara


      Pasta cooked with, cream, bacon and egg yolk

    • Spaghetti Marinara


      Pasta cooked with extra virgin oil and mixed seafood and cherry tomato with basil

    • Spaghetti Bolognese


      Pasta in a traditional minced beef tomato sauce

    • Penne Al Salmone


      Pasta with smoke salmon, garlic, cream and tomato sauce

    • Penne Arrabbiata


      Pasta tubes with salami, onion, garlic and chili, cooked with a tomato sauce

    • Penne Mediterranea


      With onions, tuna, garlic and chili, served in a cream and tomato sauce

    • Penne Polpette


      Pasta with meat balls, basil in a tomato sauce

    • Tagliatelle Casa Nostra


      King prawns with baby prawns chili, onion and tomato sauce

    • Tagliatelle Alla Norma (v)


      Pasta with fried aubergine and onion cooked with tomato sauce and basil

    • Tagliatelle Della Casa


      Pasta noodles with ham, mushroom, cream and tomato sauce

    • Tagliatelle Casanova


      Pasta with beef steak, onion, peppers in a tomato sauce – with chili if you like

    • Crespelle Di Pollo


      Fresh pancake filled with chicken, mushrooms, ham and cheese oven baked in a tomato sauce

    • Risotto Asparagi (v)


      Arborio rice cooked with asparagus, garlic and onion in a cream sauce

    • Risotto Caciatore


      Arborio rice with onion, peppers, mushroom and sausage in a spicy tomato sauce

    • Risotto Contadino


      Arborio rice with chicken, mushrooms, peas and garlic in a tomato sauce

    • Starter size– any pasta

  • Pizza

    • Marinara


      Cheese, tomato and mixed seafood

    • Margherita (v)


      Cheese and tomato

    • Capricciosa


      Cheese, tomato,ham, mushroom and onion

    • Rucola


      Parma ham, rocket leaves with parmesan shavings

    • Milano


      Sausage with mixed peppers and onion

    • Fiorentina (v)


      Spinach and egg

    • Ala Norma (v)


      Grilled aubergine, onion and cherry tomato

    • Tropicale


      Cheese, tomato, ham and pineapple

    • Sorrento


      Cheese, tomato, tuna, onions and chilies

    • Calabrese


      Cheese, tomato, spicy salami, fresh chili and olives

    • Primavera Vegetariana


      Cheese, tomato, mushroom, onion, peppers and garlic

    • Calzone


      Folded pizza with cheese, tomato, salami and mushrooms

    • Sottovento


      Cheese, tomato, beef, chicken, salami and ham

    • Contadina


      Cheese, tomato, chicken, mushrooms and sweet corn

    • Extra topping veg – 60p each and – meat £1.20 each

  • Carne – Meat Dishes

    • Bistecca alla Griglia


      Sirloin steak cooked on the grill

    • Bistecca Dolcelatte


      Sirloin steak cooked with a blue cheese sauce

    • Bistecca Ortolana


      Sirloin steak cooked with peppers, onions, fresh chili and red wine with tomato sauce

    • Bistecca Al Funghi


      Sirloin steak in a mushroom and brandy cream sauce

    • T-Bone Steak –Alla Griglia


      Cooked on the grill

    • Filletto Alla Griglia


      Cooked on the grill

    • Filletto Gamberoni


      Fillet steak topped with king prawns cooked with garlic, white wine, tomato & cream sauce

    • Filletto Rossini


      Fillet steak gently fried on a crouton and topped with pate and Maderia wine sauce

    • Filletto Pepe


      Fillet steak with mixed peppercorns and cream sauce

    • Filletto Diana


      Fillet steak with onions, mushrooms, French mustard, brandy, cream sauce

    • Filletto Strogonoff

    • Filleto Diavola


      Fillet steak cooked with salami, chilies and onion in a tomato sauce

    • Ribeye Steak


      Steak cooked on the grill, served with chips

    • Stinco di Agnello


      Slow cooked Lamb shank in demi glaze red wine, rosemary, onion and mushroom with mint sauce

  • Pollo – Chicken

    • Pollo Fantasia


      Chicken breast with peppers and mushroom cream sauce

    • Pollo Al Pepe


      Chicken breast cooked with black and red peppercorns in a creamy sauce

    • Pollo Zingara


      Chicken wrapped with parma ham and garlic in a creamy tomato sauce with mozzarella cheese

    • Pollo Chorizo Piccante


      Chicken breast cooked with chorizo sausage, onion, garlic and chili served in a tomato sauce

  • Pesce – Fish Selection

    • Seabass en Salsa


      Seabass cooked with prawns and cherry tomatoes, white wine garlic butter sauce

    • Swordfish Alla Pizzoiola


      Fish cooked with fresh tomato, olives, garlic, white wine, capers and herbs

    • Gamberoni All Aglio


      King prawns cooked in garlic, white wine, butter and parsley sauce, served with rice and mixed salad

    • Salmon Aurora


      Salmon steak with prawn, cooked in a tomato and cream sauce

  • Side Orders

    • Spinach


      in butter garlic with chili

    • Chips

    • Rocket Salad


      Rocket with parmesan and olive oil

    • Cauliflowers


      With cream sauce and mozzarella cheese

    • Tomato Red Onion Salad


      With balsamic vinegar

    • Pilau rice

    • Onion Rings